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PALS new website was constructed by Kevin DeSchene and maintained by Eileen Wagner.


The WICHITA ANIMAL SHELTER and PALS have developed a unique and successful relationship of working together for the benefit of stray and unwanted animals in our area. We routinely visit the Shelter located at 3303 N. Hillside and evaluate their animals.

An initial screening on prospective animals is done to determine their ability to make a good companion animal. If a screened animal is not reclaimed or adopted, we place it in our program, if we have space.

Adult dogs are all given an occult heartworm test. If negative, they are started on preventative. The pets then go into a foster home, are spayed/neutered and given the appropriate vaccinations. The foster home evaluates the pet to determine the type of home it should go into and begins house training and general obedience training.