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PEBBLES is a 6 month old female Westie. Pals is her 5th home in that short time. She was adopted twice from the Kansas Humane Society, but neither home worked out for this young, energetic, fun-loving little girl. She is good with other dogs, but does love to play. Doing well on her house training and crate training. She knows her name and wants to please.

LEXI is a super high-energy girl, very sweet and sometimes cuddy; and she loves to run and play. Walks nicely on a leash. She needs a secure fence. She quickly learned “Kennel,” “Sit,” “Down,” and “Shake,” in both verbal commands and hand commands. She learned these commands so quickly that I am considering teaching her more such as “Come,” “Stay,” and to ring a bell to go outside. Totally crate-trained. Lexi sleeps on the bed at night and does not have accidents. During waking hours she needs supervision or a regular outside schedule. She is a fast learner. Lexi takes a little bit of time to adjust to new people, at home is much faster than out in public. Great with other dogs; don't know about cats. She would do best in a home with a playmate; and may do okay with a bigger dog. LOVES car rides and is well-mannered in the car. She is an awesome little dog and she is easy to fall in love with; some home will be very lucky to have her. 7 lbs.

My name is MAGGIE. I was found abandoned and starving in an Arkansas culvert in June of 2012, in horrible condition with parasites and mange. But thanks to Heartland Animal Hospital and the Magnum fund, I am healthy and happy again! I am a 3 year old, 9 lb Min Pin / Chihuahua mix who is still a little shy upon first meeting people and other animals, but once I reach my comfort zone we are best friends forever. I have 2 speeds...cuddle bug and featherweight wrestler...so I would be best with a lively companion. I love to ride in cars and go for walks, in fact I am up for any outdoor activity! I rarely bark unless playing chase. I am housetrained with supervision and although I am crate trained I don't need one. If you are looking for a fun companion who believes in playing hard, loving fully and then crashing in your lap or beside you on the couch, check me out!

Here’s Mickey! What a loving little boy. At 8 lbs, he will steal your heart. He is mostly Yorkie with something else that he’s not telling. His hair is so soft, and will need grooming if you want to keep it short and sleek. Mickey’s time is spent playing with his toys, watching for squirrels in the yard, romping with his foster family, and sleeping next to you in your chair. He just recently discovered toads, and he is still wondering what they are. He is good on a leash, in the car, and in your home, and is crate trained. He loves all people and other dogs. He ignores the foster family’s cat. He would make a wonderful addition to your home, but, only with female dogs or by himself.

DJANGO has spent 5 years standing in a bare pasture in his winter coat.  Native to much cooler climates, he suffered a great deal.  He came to us with 4 miniature donkeys when the owner finally gave them up.  First on the agenda was to geld him.  We were worried that he would be a handful, but found him to be gentle and sweet.  He was shaved down rather quickly, so it is not the best job, but he had so much hair that it looked like another llama laying down when it was piled up.  We are looking for a great home for him and one that understands what a llama needs.

GRIFFIN is a young male Pug.  Just new to our program (12-13-13); he has already made himself at home with all the kids in his foster home.  He had a blast at their basketball practice and loves watching TV with them.  He seems housetrained and does well with the other dogs in the foster home. 

JACKSON looks like a tough little guy, but he is just a big softy. He is a Chi/Terrier mix that was found covered in grease running loose in the county. At first he was so afraid of the other dogs, but after "boot camp" he can romp with the best of them. Only 10 lbs. he will make a great companion, as he has mastered crate training 101. Jackson is house trained, he barks the least of all dogs here, He loves to play "ghost dog (under covers or sheet)" and is so funny when the "crawling fingers of death" (my fingers walking towards him) He loves to be brushed, He plays fetch, tug of war, laser tag. He loves just being with his person. He gets along GREAT with other dogs, cats and people. When he sleeps his little tongue sticks out. He HATES wearing sweaters and going to PetSmart to be shown. He is truly adorable and is a snuggle bunny.

CeCe is a female Terrier mix about 5 to 7 years old. She was found running at large; taken to a vet clinic where they looked for the owner. We took her to the Wichita Animal Shelter, but her owner did not claim her. She is a darling companion girl with a wonderful personality. She is completely house trained & crate trained, but isn't crated at her foster home. CeCe is great with people. but a bit afraid of other dogs until she gets to know them. She loves her squeaky play toys and that was her lure when her picture was taken; she was ready to play "fetch". She only plays fetch indoors. CeCe loves attention, walks, treats and doesn't mind car rides. She is sporting her new haircut and just loves being clean and groomed. She is about 15 lbs., and is simply "a love".

SULLY is a 2 to 3 year old Shih Tzu. He was picked up as a stray by animal control and not reclaimed. He is a very sweet but active boy. He is crate trained and house trained. Good with other dogs, but would do best in a home with no other male dogs. He loves his toys, he does not destroy them, he just loves to hear them squeak. He is very outgoing and has no fears. No dog is perfect and his negative is that he loves to run and explore. We are looking for a home that has a secure front door and is able to keep him from plotting and carrying out his plans to go exploring. Because of this, we will not adopt him to a family that has young children, as they would be his unwilling allies in his route to escape as they open the front door to go outside.

EILEEN came to us with a litter of 5 kittens. She was picked up as a stray by Animal Control. Her kittens have long found a home, but Eileen is still hoping to find hers. Is she waiting for you? She is a quiet cat that is unassuming and likes to observe the world around her without bothering anyone. She is not an in your face cat, she does like attention, but does not demand it. We think she is about 4 years old, was a great mom, now she needs a great home. Please don't overlook this sweet and calm kitty. Indoor only.

TEDDY is a male Schnauzer mix and is 9 months old. Est. DOB 12/15/13. He is Kruzer’s brother. Teddy was abandoned in a box, in a park and some wonderful girls found him and turned him into the animal shelter when he was barely 5 weeks old. He is a wonderful little guy and just loves to play with his brother. He is smaller than Kruzer, but can hold his own when wrestling with his brother; and they get along so well together. Very sweet, active and likes other dogs and cats. He loves people and is not a shedder. Teddy is a fun little dog and will be a great companion for some lucky family or person. Teddy is crate trained and house trained with supervision. He loves brushing his teeth before bedtime, and tummy rubs are welcomed and appreciated. Teddy knows sit and down and is working on his other commands. 16 lbs.

KRUZER is a male Schnauzer mix and is 9 months old. Est. DOB 12/15/13. He was picked up by animal control and came into the shelter several weeks after Teddy was found abandoned. Kruzer is very happy to be able to play with his brother again and they cuddle together when they get tired of playing. Kruzer is very sweet and doesn't shed his coat. He likes other dogs, cats and loves people . Kruzer is a wonderful puppy and will be a great companion for some lucky person or family. Kruzer is crate trained and house trained with supervision (meaning he doesn't know how to tell you yet). He loves brushing his teeth before going to bed at night; and he absolutely LOVES tummy rubs. He knows sit and down and is working on his other commands. 21 lbs.

DAISY is a female Pug mix. She is about 3 to 4 yrs old and came to the Wichita Animal Shelter with a litter of puppies. She was very afraid and wanted to protect her babies, so she was deemed unadoptable by the Kansas Humane Society. She also has an old injury to the hock of her left hind leg that makes her limp at times. Only one of her babies survived and now she, and her daughter, Rosie, are available for adoption. She is crate and house trained and very gentle. She doesn't like to rough house with other dogs, but loves to cuddle in the chair with her foster parents. She is about 17 lbs.

ROSIE is Daisy's puppy. She is now 5 months old (6/25/14) and ready to meet her new family. She is crate trained and doing really well on her house training. She is good with other dogs, a bit shy, but loves to cuddle and play with her toys. She is about 14 lbs.

JACOB is a 4 month old Boston Terrier mix. He is in the graduating class of 2014, having come into our program with his 5 brothers and sisters when he was just a baby. He has been voted Most Athletic, as he loves to play and tease his sister Lucy. He is about 12 lbs and is doing well on crate training and house training. He is a bit shy at first, but is gaining confidence as he grows up.

KALLIE was voted Class Valedictorian for her ability to run the pack. She is the class leader and makes sure that everyone does what she says. She is a sweet little girl, who is very intelligent and loving.

MANDY is a Min Pin. She came to us because she needed to have a C-section to deliver her puppies and her owners could not afford it. She had two live puppies and was, and still is, a great mother. She is crate and house trained. Loves to cuddle and will watch TV with you and even snooze when you do in front of the TV. She is an alert little girl who makes a great watch dog. Good with people and other animals. 10 lbs.

SUGAR is 6 months old (06/25/14). She is Mandy's pup and her sister is Spice. Sugar is the quieter of the two pups and a bit smaller. Both are larger than their mom. Spice will weigh in at about 12 lbs. She is crate trained and doing well on her house training. She is great with other dogs and people.

SPICE is 6 months old (6/25/14). The largest of Mandy's two puppies, she is also more outgoing than her sister Sugar. She is always alert to what is going on. She is crate trained and doing well on her house training. She will be about 15 lbs.

TRIXIE came into the shelter with Tori. At first we thought they were mother and daughter, but soon realized that they were not, as Tori was not nursing her, just tolerating her. Trixie is a darling, sweet 12 week old calico. She is an active little girl who thinks she can take on the world.

SADIE is an Australian Shepherd mix pup. She is about 6 months old and quiet the excellerated learner. True to her breed she is active, checking into everything and wants to please. She is crate trained and working on her house training. She was picked up as a stray by the city. She came to us totally untrained and wild. She is now doing well on "Companion Dog Training 101". Sadie is good with other dogs and likes people. About 40 lbs when full grown.

LUCY BEE is a small Terrier mix about 6 months old.  She is a loving little girl who thinks she is as big as any dog.  She loves to play with toys and other dogs.  Good with people and always ready for a good hug, belly rub or just any attention.  She is crate trained and house trained with supervision.  She is still a work in progress and a will be a source of joy and laughter to her forever family.  9 lbs.

MISTY is a gray DSH female, approx 4 years old. She's a quiet girl, whose owner had to go into a nursing home. She had been an only cat, but has learned to live with other cats. She's OK with dogs as long as they leave her alone. If they start bugging her, she disappears. She's a sweet, loving cat who would do best in a quiet home. Indoor only.

ELI is a DSH male Siamese mix, approx DOB 4/30/14. He came into the animal shelter with his siblings as strays, so we don't have any background on him. He's a quiet little boy, a little timid until he gets to know you but he does like to snuggle. He likes to play with the other foster cats and is OK with the dogs in his foster home as long as they don't chase him. Indoor only.

ZEPHER is an Egyptian Mau cat. He is about 2 years old and very true to his special breed. He is an independent cat who does like affection, but also likes time to himself. He gets along well with other cats and dogs and is great with people that he knows. Indoor only.








































TARAH has been transferred to Missouri Kansas Italian Greyhound Rescue, along with her sister and 2 brothers.