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Question:  How can I see the animals you have available for adoption.  I'd like to view them.
Answer:  You can see them on one of our show dates (see link above) or you can have a private showing after you have a partially approved application on file. To do so please call 990-3647.

Question:  I would like to make a donation to PALS, how do I go about doing this?
Answer:  Thank you for thinking of us and our animals. As an all volunteer organization your donation will not only be tax deductable but also you can be assured that it will be spent only on the care and adoption of our animals. You can send a donation to our P.O. box above, or drop by on one of our Show Dates. You can also make donations of items we need such as premium dog food, crates, treats, toys, etc by calling 990-3647.

Question:  Where should I start if I'm interested in adopting a pet from PALS?
Answer: The first thing you should consider is the responsibilities involved in owning a pet.  Ask yourself if you are willing to accept ALL the responsibilities.  If you have done so please come to one of our rescue days, or fill out an application and send it to us or call 990-3647.

Question:  How do I contact PALS in the event that I'm seriously considering adopting a pet?
Answer:  Click on the link above ("Contact Us") and follow directions there.

Question:  What if I'm interested in a particular breed.  Can I adopt that breed from PALS?
Answer:  Contact PALS and make inquiries, as we do have waiting lists for certain popular breeds.

Question:  What if I don't want to adopt but I'm interested in fostering a pet?
Answer:  Contact us and we can outline the process in greater detail.

Question: What are the costs involved in adoption a pet from PALS Animal Rescue?
Answer: Our adoption fee is $150.00 for dogs and $70.00 for cats. They come spayed/neutered, vaccinated and treated for external and internal parasites. Dogs will be tested for heartworms and cats will be tested for FIV, Feline Lukemia, and Heartworms.