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The pets that have found homes:


Thank you so much for bringing Riley (formerly Cj) into our lives! We love him dearly, and can't imagine a life without him!!

Sincerely, The Becker Family


It’s Bertie SueBell (formerly Cricket) here and I wanted to write because it’s been a WHOLE YEAR since I got my Forever Home! I just wanted to say thank you to Mama Janet who got me out of dog jail when I was pregnant and sick and scared, and Mama Jean who took care of me after I had my puppy. Now I live with my Forever Mama and Brother Brewster, who is also a Pals Dog. Mama tried to take pictures of us together, but we never hold still long enough because we are very busy all the time! Anyway, his picture is on the Happy Tails page, too. Brewie is a scaredy-dog, and I show him that it’s okay to be brave and meet new people. Mama says I’m his “therapy dog.” Mama says I take care of her, too, because I make her laugh all the time. Mama says of all the Bertie Sues in all the world, I am the very best, and I have to agree. We love you, Pals Family!

Noelle Barrick


KANDEE CIARA "Kandee is very happy in her forever home. She has a big sister Yorkie and 3 cats to play with. Her new furry family has accepted her very well and is energized by her spunky personality. Her Humans think she is the sweetest little girl and possibly an Einstein...brains and beauty! Thank you Eileen and Pals Rescue for this special puppy."

Lynn & Bobby Bragg


We LOVE our little guy! He’s such a joy and full of fun and mischief. Mikey loves to play, ride in the car, go on walks and chew his bones. He was found on my deceased father’s birthday and shared the same name… it was meant to be! Mikey is definitely an indoor dog and happy to be on our laps as much as he can. His foster mom did a wonderful job taking care of him and getting him ready for his forever home. Thanks Eileen!

Jeff and Lisa Cohlmia


I just wanted to take minute to tell you how much we love Reggie and how well is doing? He is curled up in my lap right now. He is everywhere that we are. In the morning he hangs with Randy while he gets dressed and then he comes in to put make- up on with me. He hangs out with the other cats when we aren't around. Reggie's favorite activity is when I make a ball out of the plastic bag that the paper comes in and throw it...Reggie will bring it back and wait for me to throw it again. He won't stop retrieving the ball until I quit throwing it. The funniest thing about Reggie is that he sleeps under our bed? The other three cats sleep on the bed with us. If some one takes a nap during the day Reggie is the first one on the bed to nap with us, but at night he only sleeps under the bed. We haven't figured out why. Anyway, we absolutely love him and he seems like he is very happy here. Thank you again for helping us adopt him.

Sue Martin


I wanted to give you an update on Calvin - now known as boy! He likes to roam the kitchen with his nose to the floor sucking up crumbs and other edibles or inedibles. At first Dyson would finish his food and push our other cat Zoe out of the way and eat hers but she finally stood up for herself - mind you she is twice his size! Now he waits for her to finish and licks her plate clean. He's just a ball of energy and is constantly on the move. He follows my mom around like a puppy. And when he's done playing he just drops where he is and falls asleep ANYWHERE! He's taken to sleeping in my parents room at night (they go to bed earlier than I do) right in between them on the bed. His favorite toy is a stick with a feather at the end of a string - he is the proudest kitty when he has that toy in his mouth. Thank you so much for allowing us the privilege of adopting such a special kitty. He's a wonderful addition to our family and brings us a lot of smiles. He's definitely another success story!



This is our little girl Kiki, we adopted her from Pals in October 2011. We went to see Kiki at Petsmart and it was love at first sight. She has the sweetest disposition and loves everyone. She is still a puppy so she is very full of energy but loves her cuddle time too. Kiki loves to go for walks, the longer the better. Even though we have only had her a couple months, we can’t imagine life before her and look forward to many years of enjoyment with her. Thanks to her foster Mom, Cindy Cameron for saving her for us.

Tim & Linda Schmidt

Lexi now Jamie

Just wanted to send you a little note to let you know we are Soooooo happy with our new adoptee. We call her "Lexi" though. She has fit right in with everyone else in the "family" as though she has always been there. We chose her to help keep our other 2 year old dog entertained (& give our older ones a break). She fills that role very well, as they became best buddies almost instantly. She has also helped fill the void of losing our 17 yo Chihuahua several months ago. She even seems to have some of his characterics, so her & I have developed a special bond as well. I'm just glad no one else snatched her up first. I heard a phrase I love: IN A PERFECT WORLD: EVERY HOME WOULD HAVE A DOG, AND EVERY DOG WOULD HAVE A HOME. Thank you all so much for all you do to help these little critters.

A loving family


This is Smokey Jo. After the loss of our dear sweet dog Millie, we did not think we could move on. Thanks to one of our dear friends for introducing us to PALS we were able to find Smokey. He has made a great addition to our house. Our other dog loves finally having someone to play with. Smokey loves to watch out the windows for passer by's to bark at. He is too funny as he hangs with "dad" because they are the only men in the house!! Thank you so much PALS!

Sincerely, The Sleder's - Al, Susan, and Abby


Meet KOOPER KAUFMAN! He has only been with us for a week but, has adjusted very well. While in his PALS foster home – his name was Gizmo. However, we think Kooper fits his active personality. (We spell it with a K to be a little different). He is a wonderful little guy, who by the way is just adorable. He has explored EVERY nook and cranny in his new house. We must have passed the test – because he no longer explores every room but hangs out in “his” rooms. He is full of energy – but so far we are able to keep up with him. He has found his way into our hearts in a short amount of time. We are committed to him and will provide the guidance and love that he needs! We appreciate the PALS volunteers and all that each of you do. We believe that Kooper is meant to be with us and we are pretty sure Kooper feels the same about us.

Sincerely, Jolene and Doug Kaufman


Just wanted to let you know Buddy & Bear are doing great. They are now known as "Barnum & Bailey". Bailey was immediately accepting, licking my fingers on the way home and purred the first night. Barnum was little more cautious but came around by the second day and now enjoys frequent purrfest of petting, stroking and tummy rubs. Quite happy and healthy they have easily doubled in size in less than a month. Easily diverted by a cellophane wrapper, their ADD comes in handy to keep them out of mischief. They get along famously with our Elkhound - A little scared at first but now realize he's just another member of the family. Bailey is our little love muffin and Barnum is the thoughtful one, waiting patiently until Bailey's gotten his fill before stepping up to the food dish. They are a true joy for us and fill our days with laughter and love. Thank you PALS for two of the cutest, liveliest, most loving creatures to enter our lives after the loss of our adult kitties.

Adoptive Parents


Chihuahuas and sort of Chihuahuas are like potato chips, you can't have just one! So we have gathered to our family the "Three Amigos". Joey, far left, and Lexi, far right, were adopted in 2006. Petey, surrounded by his girls, came first as a foster and then as a permanent addition in 2011. And our lives are richer for them being such an important part of it!

Mike and Jean


I fostered dogs for Pals for several years before I adopted Zeus (on the right side) in August of 2008 and Samson in August of 2009. I've always loved Chihuahua's and these two have me wrapped around their little paws. They are the official Pals Welcome Wagon for new foster dogs at my house; always making the scared new little foster dogs feel at ease and like part of the family until they can find a family of their own.

Cindy Cameron


Photo courtesy of Nancy Degenkolb Photography. Adopted in 2011.

Loving home


Love the pictures. Bought Lacy some toys, treats, cat house with scratching pole with resting place on top, a big scratch pole, and ring with a ball in it. Also a blanket because she loves to cuddle in a blanket. Changed her name to Lacy Calliope. We love Lacy. She is such a sweet cat and so personable and loving. Thank you for all you do for pets. We have looked at her many times and said we can't even think about that she might have been put down. Thank you for rescuing her and taking care of her.

Barb Swedberg


You found Thor (then Major) for me at woofstock 2003.

Willow Eby


Rascal is a snuggler; he is adapting well to his new home and he likes to be held a lot. Rascal and sister Ginger sleep in the same bed at night, which is ok with Ginger. He is a happy little fellow and we are glad to have him in our home and he seems happy as well.

Brad & Mariva Blex


Gracie is adjusting very well. She is venturing further around the house on her own, also, more so around the back yard. I left her out this afternoon while I ran into town for a couple of hours. I left the inside door open so the other could run in/out as they pleased. When I got home I discovered that Gracie had made it inside the house. So at some point she must have taken a deep breath and dove thru the doggie door. Just wish I could have seen her first leap of faith thru the door. She and Foster have found that they can share the same bed; and they slept like that for couple of hours. So, I hope the photos have given you some peace in knowing that she will be AOK. Thank you again for allowing us to adopt her.



Brewster (known to PALS as Wally) joined our family on12/27/09, and I'm writing to celebrate his 1-year anniversary! After a pretty tough start in life, Brewster has settled into our home and feels safe and happy. Brewster is not big on playing with toys or chasing balls, but he LOVES to snuggle, he buries his head in a blanket and wiggles around while the closest available human scratches his back or tummy. When I'm working on the computer, he snoozes in his bed beside my desk (or in my lap), and when I move around the house he follows right behind to make sure he doesn¹t miss anything interesting. He's also a superb watch dog and lets me know anytime a stranger comes near our house. (Some people might think he¹s a little too vigilant, but after our neighbor's close call with a thief, I feel much safer with Brewster on the lookout!) Most importantly, Brewster makes me laugh. Brewster and I send our thanks and love to Kris, his foster Mom, and all the PALS volunteers.

Loving Family


We adopted Louie at a Petco Store through Pals in May 2010. He is our little boy and we just love him so much!!

The Jack family


We have a very happy puppy; thank you so much. Sadie is an answer to my prayers.

Sue & Frank Solomon



Loving Family


JOSEF (now known as RALPHIE) has two speeds....100 MPH and asleep. He is so active that he wears me out just watching him. My arm is sore from throwing the tennis ball down the hall thousands of times. We are becoming great friends. I think he might be as happy to be here as I am happy to have him here. A great dog indeed.

Harv Harris


Ella, now Ellie, has fit right in with our family. She is definitely not a morning dog and will sleep in until about 10 a.m. She is a grump when you try to give her kisses while she is sleepy, but once she is awake and fed, she is perfectly happy. She is so adorable! She will sit in my lap as I do my work and she does not care what position I put her in to make it easier for me to type. She loves to chase the other dogs around the house and loves our biggest dog Casey, who is very gentle with her. She will jump out of bed and run downstairs to stand on the arm of the couch to greet my husband when he gets home from work in the wee hours of the morning. She will not officially go to sleep under the covers until I myself go to bed. Then once I get up, she will move up to my spot on my pillows or curl up against my husband and snore right along with him. I could go on and on about her. She is very happy and healthy in her forever home and we cannot imagine life without her.

Loving Family


Mom lost her Dachshund-mix companion, Lady, who was 18 years old. Mom is in her 80's and didn't think she should get another dog and she really tried to convince herself she could get along alone in the house. I don't think she has ever been without a dog and the loneliness just wouldn't go away. We took her to see the Pals dogs. She was looking at the small dogs - until she saw Mia. Mia was so sweet and loving that day while the little dog Mom held and talked to for quite awhile, seemed rather aloof and distant. Once we convinced her a big dog would be fine for her, she decided to try to adopt Mia. Happily, they were united and they have formed a mutual admiration society. Mia is protective of Mom, which makes Mom feel safe. Mom gives Mia all the attention of an only child! The neighbor is a runner and often takes Mia with him. Mia gets along with our Jack and Joe (also Pals dogs) and with the entire extended family. It is a perfect fit. Did I mention Mia is a Great Dane? (Emphasis on "Great").

Paula Miller


We adopted him in May of this year. I was told by Carol (with Pals) that when he came into the program he had no hair! Howie is the clown of our family. He has the best sense of humor and is the sweetest, kindest dog (he gives great hugs!). Howie has a little sister (Shih Tzu) named Hailey and they play hard every day…they are the best of friends. Adopting Howie from Pals has been a very rewarding experience. I am truly grateful that this little guy came into our lives!

Sheila Cole


We adopted Hans (formerly Zeus) our 6 ½ month GSD almost two months ago from PALS. He is shown here with his two siblings Nikki and Jethro. Hans is learning basic obedience and agility. It’s hard to say whether the teeter or the tunnel is his favorite obstacle since both are magnets for him! It’s been so much fun watching him learn to “play”. The three have all bonded great and play as if they’d been raised as litter mates. We can’t imagine life without Hans as he just brings so much joy and laughter to our family.

The Holderman's


We adopted Dusty from PALS about a year and a half ago. What a great dog! So affectionate, so much personality. And he was beautifully housetrained thanks to his wonderful foster dad Rob. Hopefully another golden from PALS will be in our future...

Shrader/Wright family


This is Jackson. We adopted him from PALS about 6 1/2 years ago. His name was Billy when we got him, he was a puppy. He's a very sweet boy who loves to cuddle and have his ears rubbed. He sometimes forgets that he's too big (60-70lbs) to be a lap puppy. We're very happy to have him as a part of our family. He's very loyal, territorial, and affectionate. Jackson says thanks for saving him and giving him a chance.

Trina Wheeler


Here is Jake sitting between his 2 sisters. We adopted Jake in May. I had been thinking of getting another younger dog to play with my Kerry Blue and that was a success. They play constantly if I let them. Jake came to us with an abundance of energy and the need for direction and love. Being a poodle he is extremely intelligent and has made leaps and bounds. Loves playing with his sisters, running with us and going to the lake. He is so full of life, and thanks to Pals who rescued him and gave him the chance to experience life…

Dennis & Nancy Hanson


Debbie and I adopted Danny in August. He loves our dog, Dee Dee. They are absulutely wonderful together. He came from the groomer today and looked so cute that I wanted to send a picture. We can't imagine life without him and can't say enough good about Pals! Thanks!

Donna Harris


We have 2 PALS dogs, the Italian Spitz "Missy" was adopted from Carol Dickerson on Jan 15 2004 and our Tibetan Spaniel "Cimba" joined us on 11-23-2005 from Foster mom Colleen Voth.......After many months of hard work Cimba finally lost most of his timid behavior & has made a wonderful pet...wants to sleep on the bed every night between us, while Missy prefers to sleep under the bed except for nights when we have thunderstorms, then she is also on the bed between us. Both dogs love to travel in our van, while Cimba is the better traveler, he just lays down & sleeps during our trips, while Missy wants to see out & leaves her noseprints on the windows...

Don & Judi McGill


Eli has been with us for one week now and is such a wonderful boy. He is very smart and well-mannered. Thanks to his foster family Janet and Tom. He anticipates our every move. When putting on his collar to go outside, if I don't move quick enough, Eli goes to get my purse! What a boy! Here's this well adjusted fellow - thanks to PALS.

Karen & Gary Ubben


I adopted Jackson (a mini-Schnauzer) about 3 years ago. I unexpectedly lost my job to a "right sizing" and am now in Washington state. Jackson has proven to be a wonderful travel companion and has met many celebrities on his trips. He is the most well behaved dog I have ever had, except when it is time to play fetch or water spray which are his two favorite games, Winter and Summer respectivly. He is so friendly to other people that he has been welcomed back everywhere I have been (and in the words of Clint Smith) I am too if my check clears. Thank you PALS for a wonderful friend and a fine specimen of "schnauzerness". In fact he is on my lap as I write this, another favorite spot of his.

William Lalum


I adopted Cassie a beautiful 5 month old yellow female Lab from Pals in June. She had been born in a pen and neglected along with her mom. I first saw Cassie on Pals website and immediately fell in love with her. My wife and I went to view Cassie and knew she would be ours. It brought back very happy and tearful memories of my Yellow Lab Rusty of 11 years, who I had to put down due to hip displaysia about 2 years ago. They said Cassie was afraid of men, but we became instant buds! She loves to ride in my truck, she is the classic truck dog, that sits in the passenger seat just like a human! Her favorite is putting her squeaky toy in her mouth then kicking the tennis ball through the house like she is playing soccer. Cassie is now 7 mos old, and everyone comments on how well behaved she is, and that she acts so mature for her age. Everytime I take her to Petsmart and stop the shopping cart she sits! She is so much enjoyment for my wife and myself, thank you Pals for rescuing her for us to adopt.

Tina & Jim Noel


This is my beloved Blaze (formerly "Foxy"). Thanks to Ellen and PALS, Blaze found me this past spring while I was grieving the death of my beloved 13 year old Cocker (whose name was Cinder). Blaze's eyes always twinkle with excitement and curiosity. When she stands in the morning light, the ends of her fur shine as though each strand was individually dipped in gold. If Blaze is particularly happy (such as when it is time for a ride in the car), she breaks into her "happy dance" and I can't help but laugh. However, she is also a wonderful watch dog who never fails to tell me if something isn't quite right. Blaze and I are having a wonderful time training each other, playing with each other, and loving each other. Thank you, Ellen, for entrusting me with one of your babies. She still has the toy you left for her (and it remains her favorite).



We had been fruitlessly searching for the perfect German Shepherd puppy for four months, but little did we know that we were looking in the wrong places. News of what would come to be our furry family member came from Carol D. and Evelyn (our very good friend and former PALS volunteer). The puppy was a 10 week old German Shepherd. After a few simple emails and phone calls, Carol and our family arranged a date to check out the nameless little puppy. She was love at first sight, and we brought her home that very day in our car. She has been a bundle of fun, and is everything we had hoped for in a German Shepherd. She has an acre backyard to romp and play in, and enjoys chasing squirrels, taking walks, and playing with our children. She is also a great guard dog and the perfect companion. Thanks PALS for helping us find the perfect addition to our family!

The Gillespies


Catalina (aka Jessica) is queen of the couch. Thank you to PALS and to foster mom Carol for matching us with such a wonderful kitty.



We became the proud owners of Angelique a little over a month ago (June 2007). Little did we know that the day we laid eyes on her, that, in fact, we would eventually become the fortunate owners. Angel is a blessing and truly enjoys the love we give her, and she gives right back to us. We have Misty, a Shih Tzu, at home; and neither one knew they would be gaining a sister! By getting Angel, it is far better than winning the lottery. She has completed our lives and both girls mean the world to us. We can only say thank you to her foster mom (Eileen) and Pals Rescue for allowing us to be the owners of such a wonderful, soft, loving dog Angel!

Sherri and Breeanna


Britta, now Missy, has adjusted well since her adoption in March. She loves to hang out with her buddy Jake and is a busy little girl. She loves chasing squirrels, playing catch, and getting as much attention as we can all give her. Missy holds her own when playing with Jake. Jake needed a pal to hang around with and Missy filled that spot well. Missy isn't a girly girl and won't leave a bow on very long. She shares the house with all males and mom. Thank you PALS!! We love her so much!!

The Feil Family


Thanks to Pals for Lucy. She has been a great addition to our family and we have enjoyed her so much. She is very sweet and we are so glad to have adopted her.

The Moore Family


This is Ceyenne. We got him from Petsmart and he was one of your kittens. He is a fun cat. He is very loving and has become an important member of the family.



So many thanks to PALS for our dogs. Lupe (on right) was adopted on 12/27/05, so new to the program she didn't even have a name on the website. Sancho was adopted on 10/16/06, and has been such a sweetie. It was our hope that Sancho would be a good companion and playmate for Lupe and he has surpassed all our hopes. They are just the best and have brought so much happiness into our home. Thank you so much for the privilege.

Loving Family


I adopted Amy in May and just wanted to say thank you. After losing my 17-year-old cat in April, I was afraid I wouldn't be able to get as attached to a new one. But she's the most wonderful, loving cat! She settled right in and stole my heart. Thanks for saving her for me.



Six years after the death of my beloved Catsidy, I went to Pals Website. I saw "Terry" now Lucky Leroy and after reading his bio, knew this was the cat I'd been waiting for for so long. After meeting "Terry" and snuggling him, I was positive he was meant to be our new "baby". I renamed him "Lucky" because that's how I felt - so very lucky to have found him. Last January we decided Lucky needed a kitty friend so again I turned to PALS. Carol had the perfect match for us, "Famous Amos" , an irresistible little 4 month old darling. How fortunate we are to have PALS and dedicated volunteers like Carol, Janet and Tom to rescue these wonderful creatures of God. The joy that they have brought into our lives is immeasurable. Along with our beloved Shih Tzu's, Teddy and Buster, they have made our home complete. They are all pur-r-rfectly spoiled just as they should be.Thank you cannot begin to express our appreciation for the devotion given to saving these animals and bringing us so much happiness!

Sue & Terry Frazier


I'm sending Sophie's picture so you can see the "transformation" from a dog who lost both ears traumatically to a dog so happy in her home.....we can't imagine life without Sophie and she can't imagine life without her brother! As you can see, her hair has grown out and covers the fact that she has no ears. She has a delightful personality, is loving and full of energy.

Sophie's Family


We adopted ornery little Emma (front) in July 2005 after falling in love with her at PetCo! We decided that our 11-year-old Shih Tzu, Mulligan, needed some perking up and that a little sister would do the trick. At first Mulligan was NOT very happy about the new addition, but he soon decided that it was kinda nice to have a sister to chase around the house. Emma loves playing with her toys, playing chase with Mulligan and catching/playing with/eating bugs. However, her favorite activities are anything involving WATER! She tries to get into the shower with us, plays in the sprinklers and often dunks her entire head into her water bowl for fun. In addition, any time it rains she dives head-first into all of the water puddles!! We really adore Emma and are so happy to have her as a part of our family! We are so thankful for the PALS program and for the volunteers (like Emma’s wonderful foster parents, Tom & Janet) for making it all possible.

Mike and Mindi Chance


My heart was broken. I had just lost my eleven year old Akita Sophie. I was talking to breeders about buying another Akita puppy. I wanted a special color. A pinto. One that had the same coloring as my Sophie. You see, my heart and home were so very empty without my beautiful Sophie. My heart was in such grief. My furkidz are my life and my children in heart and they are what make my home full. Sometimes things happen for a reason and I know Sophie sent me to Ellen. She had just rescued Lexey from the kill shelter. The moment I saw this baby girls picture I knew she needed me as much as I needed her. Thanks To Ellen...Lexey and I met and it was love at first sight. Lexey is a wonderful girl and my Heart and Home are so blessed to have her here. She is a little WILD CHILD...but I could not love her more. She makes my heart smile and my home is once again a home...thanks to Lexey. Thank you to PALS for giving me my heart back and a reason to smile again.

Pat,Lexey, rio & kittys.


I recently came across the saying, "Shih Tzu's are like potato chips, you can never have just one." This is true of our family. Five months after adopting Ruby from PALS (see below), Hazel came into our lives. As PALS volunteers we were asked to watch Hazel one night and we couldn't let her go back (even though Janet & Tom are GREAT foster parents!!). We just fell in love with her. Hazel has been a great older sister for Ruby and she's such a sweet little love bug.

The Hertzog-McComb's


We lost our 18 year old Maltese in May and we were not looking to adopt another dog soon. But after meeting "Henry", he just stole my heart and we decided that he would make a wonderful addition to our other two Pals dogs, Burny and Bogie. As you can see, he is such a happy little guy and enjoys every day with his new brother and sister. My 7 year old grandson has been staying with me for a few weeks so all three of the dogs have had a great time with him and his friend, who just loves dancing with Rambo (Henry). Thank you to Pals and my favorite foster mom, Janet Bryant, for giving us the privilege to have another wonderful dog in our family. My grandson told me the other day that he was so glad that Burny, Bogie and Rambo were alive and lived with us!

Dan and Janet Swisher


From left: Shannon, Rachel (3), Sarah (8), Katie (6) and her service dog Donney. Since our daughter's service dog needs to be exclusively devoted to her, we wanted a family pet for everyone to enjoy. The right dog for our family would need certain characteristics and I do not have the time or knowledge to train a puppy to behave the way we needed our next pet to behave. Shannon is a great match for our family! I've been recommending PALS to other families because it's so helpful to know about a dog's personality before you adopt. We're already very attached to Shannon and her behavior works very well in our home. Even our daughter's service dog seems happy about having a four-legged "sister".

Libby Dakan and family



Scooter (middle) was left alone entirely too much as a very young puppy and as a result had trouble bonding with us when we adopted her from PALS in June 2002. Now it's all we can do to walk two feet without a little Scooty looking for tummy rubs or to play. Once she was spayed (she was only 3 months when we got her) and she passed puppy school with flying colors, we decided she needed a friend. When Pepper (front), came along we went to visit and fell in love on the spot. Scooter and Pepper got along so well when we introduced them that it was a done deal. I was actually helping my husband's aunt find a dog through PALS when we came across ZONK! (back) who stole my heart because he looked so much like a Cocker Spaniel. I convinced my husband that we had to have him and after making sure Pepper and Scooter were okay with a "little" brother, we became a family of five. My husband's parents even brag about their grandpuppies to friends. We couldn't be a happier family with (3) PALS pups!

Nicole & David Freund

SOPHIE AND CJ (Calamity Jane)

I just wanted to brag on our two girls. We adopted them in February of 03 and they are litter mates. I can't imagine life without them or even with just one of them. They keep us entertained and now we have added a dog-Charley to the mix and they all get along great. I can now see how important it is for the little ones to be socialized with other animals and people before they go to a new home. Keep up the great work Pals, I have sent many people to you who are wanting to adopt and I love seeing the kittens when I'm at Petsmart. Thanks for all you do!

Diana Engelhardt


We adopted Ruby in January 2005 and it's one of the best things we ever did. Ruby enjoys going for walks, riding in the car, playing with her toys,and being the center of our attention. She would go everywhere with us if Wichita was a more pet friendly city. We are so fortunate that the PALS program was able to save Ruby, that she had Janet & Tom as foster parents, and that Ruby chose us to become her family. We are indebted to everyone who make the PALS program possible. :-)

Sincerely, the Hertzog-McCombs


Alex, the kitty, is a sweetie from PALS who really loves companionship, whether it be a canine or human. He's not a lap cat, but just wants to be around all of us. When we gather in the family room to watch TV, the dogs are on the floor, I get one chair, Brian (husband) gets another chair, Ben (son) gets the couch and Alex gets his own special MaMaSan chair. Alex has been a great addition to our house and has become quite a fixture here.

Vicki Boutwell


What a wonderful added member of our family Winston has become! He is such an active and adventurous little guy. He and his big sister Sophie run and chase each other, and then just melt together onto the floor for a rest only to begin the chase again. We are so happy that he came into our hearts and home. There is never a dull moment with Sophie and Winston as they set the stage daily for new adventures and some very funny memories. This experience has been so great for Sophie too, as she has had "to get herself in shape quickly" to keep up with her younger brother. We recently added new charms to their collars..."Diva" for Sophie and "Dude" for Winston, purchased from PALS at Yappy Days. All we can say to anyone wanting to add to their families through pet adoption, is "go for it"! It is just a wonderful experience!!

Karen and Jim Hepler


Here is Bonnie after a hard days work. She has excelled at her job as official greeter and entertainment director. Everyone here loves her. She is the joy of the office and loves the constant activity and new people. She is truly a special cat.

Dena Largent


The little one on the right is Roxie, who we adopted in January, 2004. This is what she and our other Dachshund, Simon, do while we're gone! As you can see, she is very happy in her new home and we just love having her. The two dogs get along so well and 4-year-old Roxie seems to have brought new life to 9-year-old Simon!

The Bradley Family


Have settled into their new home, bringing lots of laughter and joy. Their favorite things are tummy rubs and cuddles with their new family. Tootsie is more than willing to lead the way for Teddie, and Teddie is more than willing to let her. They met their other canine relatives over Thanksgiving. They have two Yorkie cousins, who came from Phoenix and two "nephews", a yellow Lab and another Bichon. Their new family loves them dearly and are so grateful that a wonderful organization like PALS exists.

Kathy Borniger


I adopted Mandy from Pals Rescue. Mandy was very scared of men when her foster parents, Janet & Tom Bryant, first got her, but they worked with her, loved her, and cared for her and now she is not scared of men. My little Mandy is a true blessing from God. She has been a great big sister for Betsy, now my 10 month old puppy. It is really funny, because Betsy has adopted many of Mandy's characteristics. Mandy has allergies, so I powder her tummy area and now Betsy wants her tummy area to be powdered, also. Mandy is, also, a kisser - it is cute to watch her give her little sister kisses. My little girls are just precious--my family wouldn't be complete without my adopted Mandy. The Bryants, foster parents, will always be special to me bacause through them, I received a very special blessing, who I love dearly, my little Mandy Miller.

Lori K. Miller


Here is a photo of Annie (adopted in February, 2004) with Katie and Geoff and one of her cat siblings Chip. Annie's primary pastime is barking at the squirrels who know exactly where the line for her invisible fence is. She is very lively, likes to chase balls as well as her tail and is always ever so happy to see us.

Loving Family


This is Sugar (now Cleo) living in California with her new sister, Polly. Cleo was adopted from Pals about 2 years ago, and has been a fantastic pet. Thank you for your wonderful program!

Kristin Pilcher


We adopted a two-year old Yellow Labrador named Kandee from Pals in April of 2003. She is a delightful dog that inspired us to become a foster home for the Pals program. This is a picture of her sharing sweet dreams with two of the many dogs that we have fostered (Hank and Daisy). Adopting Kandee, and helping other dogs like her to find their forever home has been a tremendously rewarding experience.

Janet Bryant & Tom Vittitow


When I lost my Cocker Spaniel after 16-1/2 years, I wasn't sure I wanted another dog. Well, after about a year, I knew I did and it was time. I was pointed to this wonderful organization and started checking out the dogs on your site. I found one I was interested in and decided to go see her. I didn't end up getting the dog I went to look at. Fortunately, Leyla decided I was the mom for her and I am so glad she did. She was groomed like a Schnauzer when I adopted her, but as you can see she is definitely Terrier through and through. Leyla is the light of my life and completely fills the house with love and laughter. She is such a delightful little dog and I want to thank Pals for letting me adopt her.



Peggy Sue is happy in her new home and gets along with my other cat, Max, who looks just like her. She is very precious to us and she loves to lay on my computer desk when I am in there.

Loving Family


After losing my 12-year old Lhasa Apso to illness, I was thrilled to get the wonderful little dog that I got when I adopted Bogie from Pals in May of 2001. After 2 1/2 years, I decided he needed more companionship than our 17 year old Maltese was willing to provide, so I began watching Pals website. We were the lucky ones chosen to adopt Lacy, now Burny, who is the best companion to Bogie that we could have asked for. They do everything together and provide us with hours of entertainment and unconditional love. I can't thank Pals enough for giving these two little dogs the second chance that they deserved and I sing your praises to anyone that is willing to listen.

Janet and Dan Swisher


On an adventure with their Dad.

Loving Family


Loving Minnesota--where he now lives.

Loving Family


Loving Family