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PALS is an organization of volunteers who place animals into qualified homes.

Most of the animals are rescued from the WICHITA ANIMAL SHELTER. Many of these animals would have been euthanized without help from PALS. We also help a limited number of animals from private individuals who, due to hardships, can no longer care for their pets.

PALS works mainly with adult dogs, but on occasion will have puppies and other animals. We handle both pure breed and mixed breed dogs. We also work with reputable Pure Breed Rescues, both locally and nationally.

PALS specializes in providing to qualified homes a mature, house trained, obedient member of the family. We also counsel individuals on what type of pet would be best for them and match the home with the pet that is most appropriate.

PALS is an alternative animal rescue organization made up of volunteers. 100% of all donations go for medical expenses, supplies, and advertising to find our animals good homes.

PALS is a 501 (c) 3 organization

Our Pet Information Center


An Ode To Our Foster Parents, "Rescued Hearts" by Kathleen Parsons



The Reason - a poem to you from all your rescue dogs. This poem is very touching.



A Poem To My Foster Dog, Copyright 1999 by Diane Morgan, a poem about your dog.


Once Home

The first few days in your home will be a time of adjustment. It is recommended that the new dog be restricted to supervised areas of the house...



If you would like to add a photo and/or story of your PALS pet, just email it to Eileen or contact PALS (Contact Us link above)


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